Involve the audience and the consumers in the product designs and the contents

The consumer brands are increasingly incorporating more social networking or media sharing sites in their marketing campaigns. They also enter in the era of "co-creation" where the consumer is more and more involved in the upstream development of a product. While 3D technologies and simulation technologies have already revolutionized the design and manufacturing of industrial products, experiential 3D technologies will be more and more at the core of this interaction between the consumers and the brands. One of the tools set up for the release of Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard, allows users to create their 3D animated Minimoy, from a picture. Once they created their virtual character, they turn into movie directors to run a video clip (they can choose different cameras, invite Minimoys friends in their video clip, they can choose different special effects, karaoke function, different dance steps, etc.). This video clip can also be viewed in 3D at home, if you have the 3D glasses. The winner of the contest will have his creation, integrated directly into the upcoming movie DVD.