The rapid prototyping industry serving the general audience

To automatically manufacture a product from a 3D model is a common practice in the industry, particularly through the 3D printing technology. This technology is more and more used, and allows consumers to customize or create their own products. Like a conventional printer, you simply print the 3D file in volume. Nowadays, 3D printers can even automatically make objects in color!, users can create their 3D Minimoy with their own facial features based on a picture. The technologies developed by Dassault Systèmes, automatically convert the 2D picture by giving life to an animated 3D character (blinking; synthesis system speach). One can also customize one's own virtual double by choosing accessories. 10 persons randomly chosen will win their collector statue with their own face, created with this printing technology, and signed by Luc Besson. This shows how the opportunities offered by these technologies in on-demand manufacturing (in the toy industry for example) may be infinite.

Axiatec is a company specialized in the development and commercialization of digital manufacturing solutions for 3D printing. From their laboratory, internationally renowned, they developed a process called Colifi which allowed the production of Minimoys statues in high color definition.

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