Reinventing Packaging with Interactive 3D and transform a box of cereal into a new generation game console.

Augmented reality is one of many facets offered by 3DVIA Virtools' interactive 3D development platform. Its use for Nestle, licensed for Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard was relevant to the Chocapic and Nesquik brands, because the box of cereal would be at the center of the experience. Until now, marketing campaigns using augmented reality were confined to a very weak interaction, which could for example only change the color of a car on a brochure. Here, the player's movements are detected in real time when tilting his cereal box. All children using Wiimotes or any other motion sensor material understand very quickly the benefits of interaction between the body and the virtual world. The feeling of immersion is further enhanced by the screen image blending real and virtual. The player who seems himself like in a mirror, must collect balls of light to bring the character Bétamèche out of the Minimoys world (inside the package) onto the side of the box. This is a new step in the industry of promotions.