Transforming interactive virtual worlds into movie scenes

Today, a lot of young gamers use their video game screen shots to transform them in to their own movies. This is what we call "machinima." The purpose is to have a simple virtual world with virtual actors and be able to play scenes in real time. This technique, however, is often reserved for the most seasoned gamers, who know the specifics of a video game to divert it from his original purpose.

In a process of democratizing 3D, a year ago Dassault Systemes has launched the first free online TV shows service (, using one's own virtual 3D character created from one's own picture, while adding different content (pictures, videos, etc..). In 2008, by co-producing the documentary "Khufu Revealed", Dassault Systemes has recorded in very short timeframe, all 3D sequences by "shooting" in the virtual world, camera in hand, as if it was recorded in a real environment.

With the project, led by Dassault Systemes, for Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard, the virtual world created for the 3D experiences in the movie, has allowed, in addition to 3D videos created by users, to develop in less than a week, all the animations of the show La feerie des Eaux at the Grand Rex. Actors dressed in a new generation wireless overall, with magnetic sensors, gave life in real time, to the movie characters, which appeared during the show. These animated sequences of Arthur, Selenia and Maltazard allowed everyone to see the three of them evolve everywhere in the theatre.