How to transform a movie theatre in a "virtual reality" show stage?

Many movie theaters are now equipped with the latest digital technologies to watch movies in 2D or 3D. In 2009, the process has gone further with the release of numerous blockbusters such as 3D "Up" by Pixar or James Cameron's Avatar. DS wants to go further by proposing a "fourth dimension": add interactivity with 3D contents when viewed in theatres. Dassault Systemes had already produced the first interactive virtual reality show and 3D, available to everyone (Kheops 3D, still shown at the Geode in Paris), but now, any digital theatre can become a place close to a theme park. As part of the promotion of Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard, several devices are available, especially during the previews, where the public can interact and discuss with the heroes of the movie in real time 3D.

This is a first step in the invention of new entertainment concepts, where the viewer could for example start a 3D experience on the Internet, create a 3D avatar of the hero or character in the movie , then find his copy in movie shows customized accordingly to the viewers.