A 3D experience conceived and produced by Dassault Systèmes.

Interactive 3D has reached such a level of maturity and ease-of-use that it allows us to imagine experiences far beyond those typical of video games, or immersive virtual reality used in industrial groups. Dassault Systèmes is spearheading the usage of Interactive and Experiential 3D in new sectors such as cinema, entertainment and marketing.

Our offering is composed of unique applications based on our multi-support 3DVIA Virtools platform. This allows us to create interactive, cross platform 3D experiences, that could be in 3-D, collective, online, in virtual and augmented reality devices, as well as on game consoles, stereoscopic screens or even in traditional cinema theaters.

Branding experiences and cinema experiences as we know them today are quickly evolving. We hope to catalyze this change by inventing new concepts based on immersive 3-D and interactive experiences, literally implicating audience spectators in content generation through new media (online, mobile phones, or even... ).

A testimony to the power of these technologies is the story about la Géode and The Secret of the Great Pyramid. La Géode has become the world’s largest virtual reality theater, implicating spectators in interactive immersive stories like how the Great Pyramid was really built. Another example is the machinima site www.TVnima.com Anyone can become an online 3D TV director by creating their own photorealistic 3D avatar, embedding media and directing the "cameras". The 3D warehouse found on www.3dvia.com allows 3D designers to publish and share all kinds of 3D models in real-time.

We created this website as part of a strategic innovation partnership with EuropaCorp, that produces and distributes films for the French and international markets. We would like to thank EuropaCorp for their confidence. We really appreciate working on their unique and highly creative universes.

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